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freshbooks review

She graduated summa cum laude with degrees in English and Psychology. Her main areas of interest are content creation, user experience, and search engine optimization. A brief table of additional features offered by FreshBooks is provided below. To time projects, you’ll select the “Start Timer” button from within the Time Tracking tab. This will bring up a small window in the bottom right corner, as shown in the image below.

freshbooks review

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions that you can access at the touch of a button too, which is handy if you query is a basic, common one. FreshBooks’ customer support department is also active on social media should you wish to tweet or message via Facebook. In the event that you have any queries about your FreshBooks account, there are plenty of ways to get support from the FreshBooks team. You can call a toll-free telephone number to speak with one of FreshBooks’ “Support Rockstars”. You can easily create a FreshBooks invoice online or download a free template to suit your needs. FreshBooks’ Double-Entry Accounting Tools identify revenue items and give accurate calculations of profits and losses.

FreshBooks FAQ

They do, however, offer specialist accounting, business management, and technical support but still offer fewer features at a higher price than FreshBooks. FreshBooks’s two cheapest plans only allow for a limited number of clients and upgrading your package can become costly. Users must be on at least the Plus plan ($25.00 /mo.) to have access to double-entry accounting reports. FreshBooks offers several pricing plans that are based on the number of active clients you’re working with and the included features. The company offers a 30-day free trial so you can thoroughly test the software before deciding if it’s right for your business. Another plus of FreshBooks is that when you invite your customers to projects, they can set up a client account that allows them to comment on documents, such as proposals and estimates.

Freshbooks is a simple and straight-forward accounting solution. It’s delivered with relatively small amount of standard accounting freshbooks categories so you’re not overwhelmed placing expenses into their proper buckets and adding new categories is quite easy.

Additional Features

FreshBooks includes many capabilities that make it a great accounting and invoicing software for freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners. It allows you to easily put an invoice together and accept payment through credit and debit cards, ACH transfers, Stripe and PayPal. The credit card processing fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, which is standard in the industry. You click New Invoice to get started, and an invoice template opens with your contact information and logo, the current date and due date, and an invoice number.

In the rare moments he’s not working he’s usually out and about on one of numerous e-bikes in his collection. Accounting software can be a long and arduous journey if you’re not au fait with its different sensibilities, let alone the work involved in mastering a new system.

  • FreshBooks was established by an entrepreneur named Mike McDerment.
  • You’ll also be able to categorize your expenses under a variety of pre-selected categories that FreshBooks offers.
  • And for app functionality, it’s hard to beat the QuickBooks app’s solid interface, low learning curve, and comprehensive features.
  • Many business owners use FreshBooks accounting software to manage invoicing, recurring billing, accounting, and even payroll.
  • This helps keep things simple for users while at the same time, providing a comprehensive accounting package.

FreshBooks manages accounts receivable and payable, inventory, and payroll through an integration with Gusto. New functionality since our last review includes integration with Microsoft Outlook, an Income Importer, project profitability reporting, and accounts payable tracking. If you think one accounting software is already compatible with your business but you need some further functionalities, you must also examine the add-on features that others offer. Select solutions that address your basic and additional needs, such as those that provide or handle remote access, online payments, tax, integrations with your other other business tools, etc. Above all, remember that invoices help you bill a client for products or services and help you keep track of your income.

FreshBooks At A Glance

They do not waste my time with a lot of blather I’ve experienced in so many other customer service situations . They include screenshots and precise language to answer my questions. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such consistently helpful and friendly customer service. Any time I call with a question, the person on the phone is empowered to help me out. I do NOT like having service tiers change and being told the level I was previously on is changing and this new level will cost more — and that’s what I have to accept now.

It also completes most of its features with automation options. However, there are also some basic tools missing, such as payroll, inventory tracking and bill reminders. That said, FreshBooks offers a lot of integrations, which can help you get features it doesn’t offer. The “retainers” feature integrates with “time tracking” and “projects” seamlessly. A retainer agreement is a contract that lets you and your client settle on fixed wages and hours for a certain period.

  • Reviews on FreshBooks reassure that photos of receipts can quickly and easily be taken and stored within the software, which is great for cash flow monitoring.
  • The Lite plan offers the essentials and is best for people who only have a couple of clients and do not have a business model that focuses on attaining more.
  • This will also import your statements to the “accounting” category in the navigation bar to reconcile your transactions.
  • You’ll also have a comprehensive navigation menu for getting to various parts of the tool, like the client list, dashboard, expenses, estimates and time tracking tools.
  • It is easy to manage your billing history as the app provides a lot of tools to help you keep track of past and current invoices.

Like I mentioned in pricing – FreshBooks bases pricing on the number of clients that you have. If you have fewer than 25 regular clients and a few miscellaneous projects mixed in – here’s what I do to save some money. Just edit and re-use that “client” for the miscellaneous projects.

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You can email invoices and receive updates when your clients view and pay them. Any time you tracked for a project as billable is easy to add to an invoice. The Select plan is best suited for businesses that bill at least $150,000 each year or have more than 500 clients. Pricing is customized, so you’ll need to speak with a sales agent, who can give you a quote for your specific needs. In addition to all of the features in the Premium plan, FreshBooks gives you a dedicated account manager to work with. Its pricing is fair, especially as it has some robust features that you can use fully starting with the Plus plan at $25 per month.

freshbooks review

It also provides you with an account executive,advance payments, and access to bookkeeping to take your business to the next level. FreshBooks generates invoices by quickly transforming your custom estimates. The FreshBooks payment processing tool keeps a record of all incoming payments. If you need to manage your transactions, there’s the bank reconciliation tool. It will monitor and organize all your spendings—from invoice payment to a coffee you’ve purchased at the local shop. FreshBooks will collect your bills for you, let you invite your accountant, and give you a 30-day free trial to test out everything.

FreshBooks Review: Projects And Time Tracking

Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business. Despite its great features, the accounts receivable has shortcomings. You can’t issue a receipt for a sale paid immediately, issue a refund check to settle a negative accounts receivable, or include a sales tax adjustment on a credit memo.

You can track billable time, take pictures of receipts and record expenses, create and send invoices, chat with clients, and accept payments. FreshBooks is intuitive invoicing software that has all the features you need to manage clients and projects, create and send invoices, and accept online invoice payments. It earns our pick for the best small business invoicing software. I chose to use freshbooks because it was cheaper then quickbooks. Everything was going great until I had a Big client pay 5 invoices that totaled about $9,000.

Expense Tracking

The 10 Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses 2022 To rate each payroll software program, we assessed payroll and HR features, ease of use,… So, while FreshBooks might not be for me, I can easily see small to medium businesses benefitting from this system immensely. This is especially true given their wide range of bank compatibility as well as a high degree of compliance. If you are planning on using FreshBooks for a long stretch, opting to pay annually will give you a bit of a discount. This amounts to around 10% off what would have been your original pricing – all paid up front, of course.

So why didn’t I get alerts to my phone when someone was trying to change my bank info. Dont use freshbooks, if you really have to, pick Stripe to handle any payments. I took an $8000 lost and freshbooks rep talked to me like I did something wrong. Only the two largest plans come with double-entry accounting and the subsequent accounting features.

Based on the client limits with every plan, we recommend the Premium Plan as you’ll be able to bill unlimited clients. FreshBooks is an accounting software designed for small, service-based businesses.

The company’s website has a searchable knowledgebase, a blog, free e-books and a webinar that teaches you how to use the software. The software allows you to schedule recurring invoices to be sent weekly, monthly, annually or as frequently as you choose.

Read below for an overview of just some of FreshBooks’ key features and functionality. If you do opt to use FreshBooks as a small business accounting solution, understanding which benefits you may or may not have access to with each plan can help you choose your best option. Perhaps the biggest benefit for companies that process a large volume of payments is the fact that a FreshBooks Select Plan could potentially save you money on your payment processing costs. If your credit card and/or ACH payment volume is high enough , you might be able to negotiate a lower transaction rate. Although most features are available on the mobile app, you can’t view reports.

Images of the software will be included so that you can get a sense of what it’s like to use FreshBooks. While the tool is notably user-friendly, it’s not nearly as nuanced as tools like Xero and Zoho Books. FreshBooks is better than QuickBooks if you are primarily concerned with tracking time, services, and nondepreciating items. FreshBooks is primarily focused on making accounting for professional services much more accessible & simpler. QuickBooks is full-featured and more robust but also more complicated and with a steeper learning curve. This issue was one reason that I had to roll back to the Classic version at tax time. The new version makes inputting of expenses and invoices much easier, but bulk execution was just too frustrating at the time.

The Premium plan is $15 per month, and you can bill up to 500 clients. This plan includes everything in the Plus plan, and it has enhanced tracking and reporting features. The FreshBooks payment gateways are Stripe, PayPal, and FreshBooks payments.