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I’m guessing you can imagine it, and that is why you’re here. But that glass of wine you promise yourself after being so good turns into a few. I believe you were born with a special purpose that alcohol blocked. I’m here to remind you of what that is so you can unleash your gift to the world.

  • They’re engaged with their drink, instead of engaged with other people.
  • One is that people are just much better educated about the different ways that what we consume influences our well-being, whether it’s the food and drink we consume, whether it’s the media we consume.
  • However, this is deeply concerning for individuals who begin to crave alcohol more and more, as they can access it so easily.
  • This beautiful quote helps women in addiction recovery see that cutting back on alcohol is likely the gateway to sober living.
  • This includes positive changes in your overall health, relationships, job or schoolwork, finances, and more.

Drinking alcohol can agitate your existing health condition, strain your relationships, eating habits, and daily function. As we age, we become more sensitive to alcohol’s effects as our body’s tolerance and ability to metabolize alcohol reduces. An alcoholic drink is a drink that contains ethanol, a type of alcohol produced by the fermentation of grains, fruits, or other sources of sugar that acts like a drug. I was emotionally and habitually reliant on using alcohol as a life management tool for anxiety, celebration, boredom, and low self-esteem. See how a powerful coaching container can help you heal the reasons why you drank and shift to your next big chapter. If you’ve been drinking more than you’d like, try replacing happy hour with a nondrinking activity that will activate the reward centers in your brain — and curb your craving.

Join in as Victoria talks about how the world might have your back when you take a break from alcohol. You cannot stop the aging effects of alcohol with food, exercise or fancy products. With nearly 60 billion dollars being spent on anti-aging products each year, it is clear that people are obsessed with looking and feeling younger. Yet alcohol is a substance which indisputably causes us to age prematurely. Getting sober will give you a glow from the inside and everyone will wonder what you’re doing to look so great. Find out what alcohol is doing to age you before your time, and most importantly, how going alcohol-free can turn back the clock. Alco­hol can affect your brain func­tion by impair­ing the com­mu­ni­ca­tion between neu­rons, which can lead to short-term mem­o­ry loss.

Alcohol Dependency

It’s really, you know, you’re taking people out of the matrix, essentially, like, you know, yeah, and you’re just letting people know, like, Hey, I know, you believed this. But celebrating that and really, like you said, just letting people know that drinking isn’t good for anybody. Like we’re not because that was one thing that was, you know, kind of taught is to stay in your own lane and not worry about other people’s drinking and I think for sure, like you can’t make other people get sober. Like, you know, I’ve tried I’ve dated other addicts, like when it comes to that, like it’s true, but you can educate other people. And to me, it’s information like that, that has nothing to do with recovery.

  • For years, alcohol has long been a main player in bringing people together to socialize.
  • Going alcohol-free isn’t about the finish line, it’s about the path of self-discovery + adventure + a new way of living.
  • I take on a limited number of high-level, private mentoring clients each year.
  • So, you know, I that’s what I did for about, I’d say probably like two years.

In short, eliminating drinking and living sober jumpstarts a feeling of being more alive. Some Good Clean Fun is a lifestyle platform for women about mindful drinking, alcohol-free drinks and the sober-curious or alcohol-free lifestyle. Our belief is that all women can benefit from rethinking drinking, for preventative wellness and better mental health. We hope to develop a community conversation that enables inclusive choices at every bar, store or restaurant to empower personal choice, for whatever the reason. Yeah, and there’s a universally people out there who’ve chosen not to drink and really cool men and women that you would love to know. And we and we also have chapters, because I felt it was really important.

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Once you’ve become sober and stayed sober for a while, an alcohol-free lifestyle makes life worth living and creates genuine happiness. Gone is the idea that we’re choosing to be alcohol-free due to shame, guilt, or a rock-bottom experience. That’s not to say that isn’t behind the choice for some people, but more and more often the choice not to drink is driven by other factors. A desire to live a healthier, more authentic life. A curiosity about how life might be different if alcohol wasn’t a part of it. A need to be more present and more mindful. I love the fact that is no longer the case.

At forty-five, when I quit, I was doing a lot of couch drinking and not remembering the Lifetime movie I watched the next day. One of alcohol’s negative side effects is how it disrupts sleep.

Lower Risk Of Cancer

And as a part of my like OCD and my perfectionism, and that’s manifested because I’ve spent Now sprained my foot twice. And so, you know, the thought behind Well, I’m not an alcoholic anymore, or I don’t use alcohol, that’s no longer my drug of choice kind of switched over, right?

alcohol free lifestyle

You’re at a vantage point to change literally anything in your life. Maybe you’ve tried breaks from alcohol in the past, but when you don’t drink you feel deprived. And there’s even more research to show that excessive alcohol consumption can be detrimental to immune function , and that it increases the risk of cancer, cognitive problems, and stroke. “Alcohol, for some people, can temporarily relieve anxiety. M.J. Gottlieb, who’s been sober for seven years, created Loosid to help connect people practicing sobriety, even the sober curious. The same survey found, in 2018, nearly 40 percent of young adults used marijuana, compared to 25 percent in the mid-’90s. But the toll of alcohol addiction is far larger.

What Is Alcohol?

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  • One of the most immediately realized benefits of sobriety is a boost in energy.
  • I’m guessing you can imagine it, and that is why you’re here.
  • You know, because, one back in the day, I didn’t even know that the reason I woke up at 3am, every night was not because I had insomnia was because I was drinking.
  • And so, I like, in the time, like, probably where I was getting in trouble the most.
  • No content or facts on this site are suitable as sole reference in the diagnosis and/or treatment of particular illnesses.
  • Archie Messersmith-Bunting is hoping to reframe the discussion around mental health and suicide, and teach others that self-care is selfless.

You may not feel like yourself after a night of drinking and this feeling will become even more uncomfortable as time goes on if you continue abusing alcohol regularly. An alcohol problem, depending on its severity, can turn into an expensive problem very quickly and empty your bank account. Many people even take alcohol free lifestyle it to the point of losing their home, job, and even family. When you live an alcohol-free lifestyle, you now have the means to pay bills, buy things or experiences you want, or create a healthy savings account. It may seem impossible to avoid alcohol if you’re a regular drinker, but it’s actually not that hard.

You’ll Be Healthier

Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals. Medical Reviewers confirm the content is thorough and accurate, reflecting the latest evidence-based research. Content is reviewed before publication and upon substantial updates. If you or a loved one suffer from alcohol addiction, the alcoholism treatment professionals at Garden State Treatment Center are here to help. Give us a call and we can find the best treatment option for your personalized needs. Your sobriety is always our number one priority and concern. Alcohol infiltrates society across the board.

And I would, I would, like, you know, and they, they would make us like, go pick up trash. And, you know, I just use that as an opportunity to meet other, you know, people doing that shit and make friends and I would throw parties instead. And just use all the beer cans and fill up the trash cans. They would give us trash bags that were supposed to fill up and leave in certain places you would drink and then fill up the trash. Heavy drinking and alcoholism are not good for your mental health.

Excessive drinking triggers hot flashes, affects your emotional balance, and induces poor sleep. Alcohol can also strip you of nutrients such as magnesium and calcium, which you need most during menopause. Sociocultural-related stereotypes and stigma are more negative towards female drinking than towards male drinking https://ecosoberhouse.com/ problems. We’re drinking now more than ever and this isn’t shocking to me. To the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholismanalysis, excessive drinking accounts for one in 10 deaths among approximately every year U.S. adults aged 20–64 years. Let’s get into some of the facts about women and drinking.

Give back is like, How can I be of service to others in recovery today? And, but what kind of freaked me out in a good way? I was noticing that, you know, like, so many people in the rooms had lost so much. You know, like, they’d come in and they’d lost their families, they’ve lost all their friends, they’ve lost their job. Really, you know, because I was not a gray area drinker, I was, you know, like we talked about before, you know, I was drinking, I was bringing vodka to class, I was drinking and driving, I was getting arrested. You know, I was getting hospitalized, like, there was really no chill. And so, you know, even though I didn’t lose anything, the thing was, at the time, I didn’t have anything to lose, right?

Like, I know, like, I’m 28, I still have a ton of life to be had. But that was one thing that really scared me. And I think why I chose sobriety is, you know, I was really, in a bad place, like, you know, it takes a lot of people a lot of time, sometimes, like, I had no progression. Like, there was no middle ground, or there was no point at where I was like, Oh, you know, I didn’t have a problem.

Owner Katie Rue told Forbes that her Korean heritage had inspired the creations, which take their cues from traditional Korean remedies. When you’re short on time, you can still make a quick, healthy lunch that will help you power through the afternoon. Whether you prefer a simple grain bowl with lots of veggies, a slice of loaded avocado toast or a delish salad, there’s something for you in this mix. You need just 10 minutes in the kitchen to pull together recipes like our Egg Tartine and Chickpea Salad Sandwich. Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Around the world, various countries now have initiatives where people come together and stop consuming alcohol for a month.

We all had a time in our lives where we didn’t make good decisions about alcohol, and in midlife, we can choose to turn it around and make better choices. Our brains release those good feeling chemicals differently, and some people who produce more pleasure chemicals when drinking are more susceptible to alcohol dependency. High-risk drinking has increased more rapidly among midlife women in the last decade. Even if you’re a casual drinker, Dr. Chiligiris says alcohol can have a boomerang effect on anxiety.

Better Sleep, Greater Focus

If you drift away, it’s, you know, super negative. And like you I want to, you know, I always say that not drinking is the foundation that allows me to live the life I want to lead. It is not the end all be all of how I want to live my life every day. So I love that in you know, five years ago, when I came back A.A. So I love that, you know, a lot of people are adopting alcohol free life, regardless of whether they have a really problematic relationship with drinking, which I did. I was like bottle of wine following her half of wine a night like 365 nights a year.